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07/18/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Events Gallery Update Star Wars Episode VIII Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens Videos

John dropped by to hang with his people, his Star Wars family (including Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia) that is, today and talked a little bit about Episode VII & VIII. Enjoy!




There isn’t a video of the whole panel but here is one with the highlights.



06/27/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Events Gallery Update Magazine scans Photoshoots

Thanks to Jay for some of the scans!





06/08/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Gallery Update Photoshoots Production Stills Project Screencaps



05/09/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Gallery Update Magazine scans Photoshoots



05/01/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Gallery Update Magazine scans Photoshoots Project Screencaps Screencaps

I’m working on adding all the screencaps of John’s live appearances and interviews. I have a long way to go because there are a lot of them! but I’ve done the photoshoots and Talk Shows for starters plus I finally found a good copy of John’s BBC movie, The Whale. Thanks to Daisy Ridley Source for the additional photos from the Empire Award Photobooth.





04/02/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Gallery Update Production Stills Project Screencaps Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

Thanks to the early release of the digital copy, I’ve added the HQ screencaps from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens to the gallery. And thanks to Mouzer at John Boyega Fan, I’ve been able to add the screencaps from the bonus feature “The Secrets of The Force Awakens” and deleted scenes, as well. Thanks to Daisy Ridley Source for the new still and portrait. Enjoy!





03/30/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Events Gallery Update Photoshoots

Last night, John attended a special screening in the UK called Secrets of The Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey. I also added a photoshoot from the Empire Awards and a couple of Behind the Scenes photos.



03/25/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Gallery Update Photoshoots

Thanks to Daisy Ridley Source, we now have HQ quality for most of this great shoot with Daisy and John, including two new ones! Enjoy!



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