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06/27/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Events Gallery Update Magazine scans Photoshoots

Thanks to Jay for some of the scans!





06/08/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Gallery Update Photoshoots Production Stills Project Screencaps



05/09/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Gallery Update Magazine scans Photoshoots



05/01/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Gallery Update Magazine scans Photoshoots Project Screencaps Screencaps

I’m working on adding all the screencaps of John’s live appearances and interviews. I have a long way to go because there are a lot of them! but I’ve done the photoshoots and Talk Shows for starters plus I finally found a good copy of John’s BBC movie, The Whale. Thanks to Daisy Ridley Source for the additional photos from the Empire Award Photobooth.





03/30/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Events Gallery Update Photoshoots

Last night, John attended a special screening in the UK called Secrets of The Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey. I also added a photoshoot from the Empire Awards and a couple of Behind the Scenes photos.



03/25/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Gallery Update Photoshoots

Thanks to Daisy Ridley Source, we now have HQ quality for most of this great shoot with Daisy and John, including two new ones! Enjoy!



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02/13/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Gallery Update Magazine scans Photoshoots Production Stills



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01/28/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) 24: Live Another Day Gallery Update Half of a Yellow Sun Magazine scans Photoshoots Project Screencaps



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01/16/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Gallery Update Magazine scans Photoshoots Project Screencaps


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