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08/09/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Interview Press


TECH CRUNCH – After the conclusion of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup,, I got a chance to talk to John Boyega, of Star Wars and Attack the Block fame — and erstwhile competition judge. We chatted about his relationship with technology, what he’d like to see people create, and yes, Pokemon Go.


First of all, you ever make anything like what these kids made?


Absolutely not! I have friends that are into software, into programming. I watch them do it, and then I…. try the product. (Laughs)


I mean, I’m outside it, but I see that these guys have to go through serious things that challenge their minds and brains, to create something to works, that changes things. And the market is tricky, but these kids are really thinking. They’re on a good level.


Did you grow up with a lot of technology?


I grew up around a lot of technology, I just couldn’t afford it! I bought my own first game console when I was 17. So, you know, technology was around me, but we kept it classic for a bit.


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07/21/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) News Press

boyega 2

boyega 1

WEST END EXTRA – STAR Wars actor John Boyega returned to his old school on Friday to present awards to talented pupils.


Students at Westminster City School assembled in the grounds of Westminster Abbey on Friday to meet the Star Wars: The Force Awakens star at a special celebration.


The school orchestra played the theme song from Star Wars in honour of the celebrity guest, who gave an inspiring speech about his time at the school in Palace Street, Victoria.


The 24-year-old, who was born in Peckham, attended the school from 2003.

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06/21/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Article Press


TIME – John Boyega, the breakout star of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, continues to be one of Hollywood’s most lovable leading men.


Earlier this week, the 24-year-old actor spent the day visiting a local children’s hospice in England. Called Demelza Hospice Care for Children, the facility offers a place for terminally-ill children to receive care and spend their days as they undergo treatment. On Monday, they hosted a Star Wars-themed party where Boyega made an appearance.


In a touching video of the event, watch Boyega interact with the children, families, and staff, adding a little excitement to the day.


Boyega may just be a reluctant Stormtrooper who doesn’t have the Force, but he’s certainly making time to use his star power for good.



03/20/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Press



Star Wars actor John Boyega has apologised for any misunderstanding over his comments about diversity at the Screen Nation Awards.


The 24-year-old Bafta-winning actor offered his thoughts on the diversity debate and the lack of screen roles for black and minority ethnic actors during his acceptance speech on Saturday.


“To complain about what is going on is not going to benefit us. It is not,” Boyega said after being presented with the award for best male performance for his role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


“Be the change you want to be. Be the change. And continue and focus. Thank you so much.”


The Peckham-born-and-raised actor, who also won a Bafta for his role, later took to Twitter to clarify any confusion over his position.


“Regarding my comments at the screen nation awards (just to clarify) I am not saying that complaints are invalid or should not be heard. I am saying that words without action can’t help right now. I agree that we need to be heard but some do the talking and no work,” he wrote.


“I was full of emotion receiving the award and just wanted to say that there was work to be done.
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03/19/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Interview Press

Only one man knows what it’s like to audition for seven months for the lead in the most highly anticipated film of all time. And actually get the part. That man is John Boyega, who has gone from Peckham to Hollywood to a galaxy far, far away. Read our exclusive story with John Boyega from GQ Style Autumn/Winter 2015.



In 2012 John Boyega was taking one of the many meetings held at that time with film producers in LA. This one was at the home of production company Bad Robot, run by JJ Abrams, co-creator of the TV show Lost and re-booter of the Mission: Impossible and Star Trek movie franchises. Boyega, who wanted to one day be in a franchise of his own, was talking to Abrams’ longtime producing partner Bryan Burk when Abrams himself came out of a sound booth accompanied by Tom Cruise. They both greeted the young actor from Peckham, south London, with enthusiasm, Abrams telling him, “I loved you in Attack The Block. We’re going to get you in something of ours one day.”



Of course, everyone Boyega met in Hollywood at that time said pretty much the same thing. They all loved him in Attack The Block, because he was undeniably brilliant in the British indie cult classic, and they all said how keen they were to work with him. But Abrams was the one who got back to him. When it was announced in early 2014 that Abrams was going to be rebooting the biggest franchise of them all – Star Wars – Boyega, a huge fan of the original films, asked his agent to keep in touch with any casting news. Sure enough, within months Boyega was on an overland train home from Tottenham when he got a call from his agent; “JJ” wanted to see him for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. He was to first meet with casting director Nina Gold, who got him the role in Attack The Block, to record his first audition for Abrams to watch. It didn’t go well. Boyega thought he was ‘all over the place.’ But there must have been something promising in that first effort, because Abrams wanted to see him in person. Boyega was summoned to a theatre in Holborn, central London, where he read for Abrams. And this time Boyega knew it went well. He had fun, and Abrams seemed to as well. There’s a wry smile on Boyega’s face as he calmly and methodically recounts this story to me just before his cover shoot for GQ Style, and the smile gets bigger and broader as the memories of the process flood back.

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03/15/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Article Press Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens Videos


MOVIE WEB – Last week, we reported that Disney and LucasFilm will debut the full-length Star Wars: The Force Awakens documentary Secrets of the Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey at the SXSW Film Festival today. This documentary will be part of the bonus features on the upcoming Digital HD and Blu-ray Combo Pack release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and in case you weren’t able to see the documentary in Austin, we have a sneak peek from Good Morning America, along with a new trailer. The sneak peek includes plenty of behind-the-scenes footage, along with excerpts from John Boyega’s actual audition tape.We also see footage from the now-iconic final shot, where Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) meets Rey (Daisy Ridley) on his island sanctuary, with Mark Hamill revealing that “this feeling” came over him for the first time since he was on the Tunisia set for the original classic, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. We also hear from Gwendoline Christie (Captain Phasma), and Adam Driver exclaims that it was such a hassle to put on his Kylo Ren costume, it helped him get into character.This preview also explores the famous scene where Kylo Ren kills his father, Han Solo (Harrison Ford). Adam Driver revealed that this particular scene “terrified” him, while Harrison Ford stated that the scene “resolved” his destiny in a “powerful and effective way.” In addition to this sneak peek, we also have a full trailer for Secrets of the Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey, along with photos from the SXSW premiere, featuring J.J. Abrams and R2-D2, along with several of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens visual effects artists.

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03/13/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Article Events Gallery Update Press


BELFAST TELEGRAPH The mother of a five-year-old boy living with a brain tumour described their meeting with Star Wars actor John Boyega as “priceless”.


The actor, who plays Finn in the popular film franchise, delivered toys to sick children at the Royal London Hospital.


Young Daniel Bell from Ormskirk said he wished he could hand out presents to other young patients alongside his favourite film character – and Boyega said he “jumped at the chance” to grant it.


Boyega taught Daniel some nifty lightsaber moves as part of the special treat, organised by Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity.


The Bafta-winning actor, who stars alongside Harrison Ford on the big screen, described Daniel as “an amazing and inspirational boy”.


He said: ” When I heard about Daniel’s wish to meet Finn, I jumped at the chance to make it come true. It was fantastic to be a part of his very special wish with Rays of Sunshine.


“It was also great to meet the children at The Royal London Hospital and be a part of something so positive.”


Daniel’s mum Rosalind said the meeting was something money could not buy.


She said: “To see Daniel smile like that without a care in the world after everything he’s been through, knowing how much time and effort Rays of Sunshine have put in to his wish and that John Boyega gave his time to make it come true, is priceless.


She added: ” These things can’t be bought and really do mean the world.”


I’ve uploaded more photos from his visit to the gallery.


Gallery Link:


02/16/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) News Press Star Wars Episode VIII Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

METROJohn Boyega has said a romance between Finn and Poe Dameron in Star Wars 8 is possible.


This should make a few shippers very happy.


Since The Force Awakens opened some Star Wars fans have had a theory that Boyega’s Stormtrooper Finn, and Oscar Issac’s pilot Poe could be more than just friends.


Well they are already wearing each other’s clothes.


After initially shooting the idea down in flames, BAFTA-winner Boyega has now said anything could happen in the Star Wars universe.


Speaking to press backstage after winning the Rising Star Award on Sunday (via Radio Times), he said: ‘What’s so funny, I posted a video the other day of myself working out, skipping, and in the background Oscar is just like, “Yeah baby go on!” and people just went crazy.


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02/15/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Article Press

He defies stereotyping, wields social media like a lightsaber, and looks good in a tux. Could John Boyega be the movie star of the future?


THE TELEGRAPH – The moment that John Boyega went from talented young British actor to absolute legend is easy to spot. It followed the first teaser that revealed his role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, whose opening shot saw the actor, sweaty and desperate-looking, pop up on-screen in the middle of a desert in the remains of a Stormtrooper uniform. It was an arresting start, immediately establishing his character’s desperation and the high stakes of this new adventure. But it wasn’t the trailer that did it; it was the reaction.


The internet’s lunatic fringe predictably started protesting this “black Stormtrooper” because, apparently, even in a galaxy far, far away where giant slugs control the smuggling trade and giant carpets act as co-pilots, we’re supposed to care about skin colour.


Boyega responded on his Instagram account, where he – at length – thanked the fans, old and new, who had supported him, and then added, “To whom it may concern… get used to it”, with a little smiley-face emoticon.


This actor wasn’t going to be cowed by hatred or prejudice, and wasn’t going to let the negativity significantly dent his joy at being part of a film series he has always loved, and was going to make all that clear without getting aggressive about it (which would have been totally justified, incidentally).


As the #OscarsSoWhite controversy continues and a rightly impassioned discussion about diversity and representation in Hollywood rumbles on, Boyega’s doing a heck of a job showing the movie industry exactly why it needs a wider talent pool. He has won near-universal acclaim for his leading role in December’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but still took the time to turn up in ordinary cinemas around London to greet audiences – much to their delight and, sometimes, horror.

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01/28/2016  •  Posted By alikat  •  0 Comment(s) Imperial Dreams Press


Don’t let the title or presence of John Boyega fool you: this is not the backstory to Stormtrooper Finn’s desire to sign up with the First Order. Instead, it’s a slightly grittier earth-bound tale of a young black writer called Bambi (Boyega) emerging from prison, only to find his Los Angeles home and young son beset by gangs, guns and drugs.


Made in 2014 – before Boyega had even heard of The Force Awakens – Imperial Dreams debuted at Sundance two years ago but disappeared without trace, despite glowing reviews. Here’s hoping a re-evaluation will mean it finally gets seen by a more… galactic audience.


Critical response: “Boyega seems to have an innate feel for the setting, taking on the role of Bambi with genuine empathy for the character’s situation,” cooed The Hollywood Reporter​.


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